Beam's flexible cloud-based platform increases equitable and fast delivery of critical public benefits and safety net programs to our most vulnerable communities.

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Beam's platform is end-to-end. What does this mean, exactly?

It means we have the knowledge, technology, and capabilities to handle your aid process quickly from start to finish, from application to payment.

...But we also don't have to.

Our modular platform is built to configure different scenarios and program types. So if you need us for a piece of the puzzle, we'll still happily help.
Product Features

Beam's Solutions

Our features solve for common problems that our partners face when administering emergency aid, cash assistance, and public benefits.
Consultation & Program Design

Driven by data, guided by program and policy expertise

A dedicated partner success team, paired with data-driven outreach and prioritization, ensures your program reaches the most vulnerable populations. Our anti-poverty program experts leverage leading practices in program design and partnership with community-based organizations on the ground to support outreach.
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Case Management

Detailed workflows that encourage collaboration

Our workflows provide focus and cross-department collaboration unique to teams managing cash assistance programs, complete with a workflow dashboard to manage all stages of application review. In addition, we offer auto case assignment and assignment queues, as well as provide quick document previews so that staff can assess the completion and severity of a case. Case notes also track updates and communication between the staff.
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Verification & security

Collecting only the essential data safely and securely

With Beam’s platform, you can quickly and confidently verify applicant identity and prevent fraud. The platform has met standards for SOC 2 compliance and data masking for PII. Beam collects and stores only essential data specific to a partner’s application process.
Cross-program eligibility

Pre-screeners to alleviate burden and multiple programs within a single application

In a wild wild west of AI, Beam applies reliable, structured data uses of AI to improve eligibility determinations related to documents – saving caseworkers precious minutes and hours per application and providing quick feedback loops for applicants.
Accessible applications for complex programs

Readily available to all applicants

We create applications that are accessible to everyone—period. Beam provides a multi-channel solution regardless of ability, access, bandwidth or digital literacy with language that’s been informed by trauma experts that’s translatable to 100+ different languages. Our solution allows users to upload documents and fill out forms simply. The best part for you? We offer a white label solution that helps you build trust with the end user, decreasing their overall cognitive load.
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Inclusive, Multi-Channel Application

Removing any and all obstacles

We strongly believe that the application should not be a barrier. With our inclusive application, users can apply from phone, tablet, or laptop for themselves or on behalf of someone else. In addition, our application meets WCAG 2.0 accessibility standards, so users have the ability to navigate and apply using a screen reader and/or keyboard only.
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Updated Application
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Transparent Application Versioning

Easier way to create and version applications

Beam’s flexible application allows you to create new applications as well as update and manage versions of applications. You can also add notes and easily track versions.
Algorithm Assisted Decisioning

Allowing for equitable community outcomes and better staff satisfaction

Beam’s research-backed algorithmic decisioning results in more equitable outcomes for communities. Faster application processing times result in reduced caseloads for organizations and their staff members.


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Individuals supported


Partners and growing...

Fast and flexible cash disbursement

Through Beam’s platform, applicants receive payments fast through expedient payment rails. In addition, Beam offers configurable payment options to support a range of program needs.
Partner Facing Analytics and Reporting

Metrics that help to tell your story

Beam offers flexible, customizable reports to meet internal and external program reporting needs. Our secure, compliant reporting is always up-to-date. Business intelligence metrics demonstrate impact, enabling powerful storytelling to inform policy initiatives. Real-time reports allow for a pulse on your program’s performance.
People-Centered Design Process

Equity-centered, trauma informed design approach

Beam's process includes embedding with program staff and local teams to better understand their needs and workflows. We employ a trauma-informed design approach that reduces friction for applicants and case managers alike. Many of us have struggled to apply or administer public benefits ourselves. At Beam, we build to create real solutions for real people.
Our programs

Examples of how we can help:

Guaranteed income programs
Child care subsidy programs
Emergency rental assistance
Farmer support programs
Support for college students and more
Food assistance
Our partners

We work with a range of organizations to streamline their programs:

Colleges and Universities
P-12 School Districts
Community Foundations
National Funders
Community-Based Organizations

The result of our services? More satisfied aid administrators quickly paid applicants, and—to put it plainly—a better social safety net.

Let's get started. Contact us now—we want to help.

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