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"I am currently living in a domestic violence transitional home with my two children. My oldest is 1-year old and my youngest is 9 months. I have full-custody of both of my children due to the domestic violence. By receiving this emergency funding, not only will [it] help out my family and I but it will also allow me to buy the supplies I need to further my education."

"Going to college meant that I need to commute 2 hours each day, and having the grant assisted with the gas bill each week. It was a small encouragement that making the effort towards college was something worth it because someone believed in my abilities to succeed."

“I wanted to thank you for the emergency funds I received. I was able to get my dryer and shower fixed. I also paid my electric and water bill. I bought food and water. I thought it would be nice to thank all of you at Beam, formerly Edquity, for your hard work and compassion in these trying times.”

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