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“I really admired how Beam consistently engaged with and co-designed its solution with case managers, program administers, and constituents.”

Anna Valuev
Deputy Director of Census Open Innovation Labs

"Beam is building innovative and equity-centered technology to create a more robust social safety net. Finally, local and state governments have a partner that deeply understands the pain points many of our communities are experiencing, and can help address structural gaps to administer programs quickly and effectively."

Michael D. Tubbs
Senior Advisor to Beam and Founder of Mayors for a Guaranteed Income

"We’ve been excited to partner with Beam given their true approach to nuanced partnership as a technology vendor and their understanding of technology as an enabling force, rather than a complete solution unto itself."

Donnalee Lozeau
Southern New Hampshire Services

"Beam is a govtech company with an impressive team, a social mission to support the most vulnerable members of our community, and a proven solution that we aim to help scale to cities, counties, and states across the US."

Anthony Jamison
CivStart CEO

"Beam is integral to supporting Southern New Hampshire University students, easing their financial anxiety, and allowing them to focus on their education. In less than two years, Beam has helped the University quickly process over 80,000 applications and distribute over $80 million in emergency aid to our students, which helped increase the retention rate for those who received aid."

Timothy Lehmann
Vice President Student Experience Innovation & Operational Integrity, Southern New Hampshire University

"Beam is transforming the way local governments deliver public benefits and engage with their communities. Leveraging innovative technology to improve and streamline support for residents is an ongoing priority for all cities, and I see enormous opportunity for solutions like Beam to help cities across the country."

Steve Benjamin
Former Mayor of Columbia, SC & Former President of the U.S. Conference of Mayors

“Creating more equitable access to our most vital resource is a top priority for the City of Baltimore. Using Beam to power the Water4All program has allowed us to better execute on our goal to ensure that every resident has access to safe, clean water. In just five months, we have granted over 385 subsidies worth over $450,000. We’ve seen a real change in how quickly and effectively we’ve been able to serve our local community.”

Milton Cox
Baltimore City's Water4All Program

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